Types of dental services


Bone Grafting

Cosmetic Dental Surgery

Crown Lengthening

Dental Implants

Oral Conscious Sedation

Scaling and Root Planing

Soft Tissue Grafting


Scaling and Root Planing, or “Deep Cleaning” Therapy

In order to achieve periodontal health, the initial phase of treatment will consist of non-surgical therapy.  Scaling and root planing is utilized in order to access the diseased root surface and remove bacterial plaque and calculus, mineralized plaque.  In some cases, antibiotics or antimicrobials are used if Dr. Karlin feels this is necessary.

Usually two quadrants of the mouth are scaled and root planed at one time.  Proper oral hygiene will be reviewed and demonstrated which is important for you to perform daily.  Excellent homecare is a priority in preventing the formation of  bacterial plaque and the rebuilding of calculus (tartar).  Plaque and calculus build-up will contribute to bone loss and loss of teeth.    

One month after scaling and root planing, Dr. Karlin will re-examine your mouth and determine the improvement in your periodontal condition.  He will review with you any further periodontal treatment including periodontal surgery that is required in order to maintain your mouth in health, comfort and proper function.  In addition, he will inform and coordinate with your general dentist any restorative treatment.

Patients receiving scaling and root planing will require  maintenance therapy (periodontal checkups and cleanings usually every  three months alternating with your general dentist) to maintain your periodontal health.




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